Future-proofing businesses with Modular Automation

From generic to industry-specific operations; our automation software helps to make automation a competitive advantage for your business through simplicity, modularity and scalability


Businesses are complex enough these days, but their automation shouldn't have to be. Our software package is easy to use, implement, based on the highest standards and customizable to your business.


Each of our applications (modules) can be used together through our integrated automation portal (Chameleon) or individually on its own. Simply decide what your business needs and combine!


Because of its modularity, our software grows with you. All modules can be enabled, disabled, scaled-up and scaled-down in capacity on demand. When you grow, we'll grow with you!

Automation Modules

Our software package is modular and consists of multiple applications (modules). Each module provides its own specific automation functionality, and is fully integrable with all other modules. By linking multiple modules together, more complex and industry-specific automations can be achieved. Currently, there are 5 available modules.

  • Universal modules: Rating, Billing and CRM
  • Industry-specific (ISP) modules: Porting and ACS

Chameleon is our integrated automation portal. This is the interface where all modules come together, and provides an overview of all the automation capabilities they allow. Chameleon helps to achieve more with the available modules through an easy configuration process, and offers a fully customizable, yet straightforward, user interface to help shape your automation.

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Because of modularity, our software is suitable for automation of universal (non-industry-specific), as well as industry-specific operations, resulting in use-cases in almost all industries. A few examples of fields that could benefit greatly are Internet Service Providers, Real Estate and Energy suppliers.

Internet Service Providers

Having a history in Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) ourselves, we understand the complexity of their day-to-day operations. From ordering, billing, troubleshooting to customer delivery; it’s complex and diverse. In combining all available modules, ISP's are able to fully automate their day-to-day.

Real Estate

Increased demand for connectivity, energy transitions and shared ownership are making real estate evermore complex. This complexity can be reduced with automating usage billing (power or community costs) and additional insights in all the value streams of a property through Chameleon.

Energy Suppliers

Energy suppliers, just like ISP's, deal with diverse value streams and customer interactions. The integration of the billing, rating and CRM modules are especially interesting in order to further automate these operations.