About us

With our modular automation software we help business to reap the benefits of automation. Especially because of the time we live in, implementing automation is more important than ever.

Future-proofing businesses

Technological advances of recent times have made automation evermore powerful, capable and valuable. The automation of today can greatly increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and business continuity, while at the same time reducing overhead, time-to-market and manual errors. Given the ever-increasing demand of modern customers, automation is not just “nice to have”, but rather a necessity to meet demand.

Nonetheless its positive effects, we see only few businesses embrace automation. Some may find it difficult, have trouble aligning it with other business objectives and others might not have the required skill set or funds in-house to develop their own automation. Although all being justifiable reasons; it is unfortunate, as businesses can benefit from automation so much.

Therefore, we made it our mission to develop software which simplifies automation, without compromising effectivity, making automation accessible to all!

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Removing barriers

Automation, although very effective, has large barriers to overcome. It requires a lot of time, funds, diverse skill sets, and as a result can take away valuable time, otherwise spent on core activities. At Ipronto we feel that businesses shouldn’t have to choose between automation and running their business, but should be able to do both.

To remove these barriers, and make automation accessible, we make sure that everything we create adheres to our core values of  Simple, Modular and Scalable product design.

  • Simple automation software reduces time spent on automation, and rather increases time to spent on your business. Making it easier to align with business objectives.
  • Modular software leads to personalization and increased effectivity, at lower costs. Thus achieving automation with fewer investments.
  • Scalable software grows with you, making sure that, as the business grows, automation stays the same and doesn’t require complex and expensive reconfiguration processes.


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